When to Have a Home Painted on the Interior or Exterior

There are many advantages that a fresh coat of paint on a home's interior or exterior can bring. If you are a homeowner, then you should keep the information here in mind, as it might make your decision easier in the future when contemplating a new paint job for your own home. Here's more on painting a home.

You can have the home painted for ease of maintenance

If someone made the mistake of painting some or even all of the interior of your home in flat paint, then you will quickly learn why this is a bad idea. Flat paint is very hard to keep clean. When something gets on the walls you won't be able to wipe them clean and if you use a sponge with soap and water to try to clean them they will only end up smudging. So, if you have areas with flat paint inside your home, you should have it repainted with a gloss paint that will easily wipe clean. 

You can prepare the house for new tenants

Whether you have purchased a home and are preparing it for your family to move into or you are preparing your rental for new tenants, painting the interior is an important part of the preparations. Only if the interior paint is still in fantastic shape should you skip this part because a fresh paint job and great-looking floors are two of the most important parts of making a vacant home's interior look very inviting. 

You can get rid of stains

Sometimes there are stains that get on the walls of the inside of a home and it seems like nothing is going to be able to remove them. When this happens, the best thing for you to do is to just repaint over the stains. If you are dealing with something serious, like a bunch of markings from black permanent markers in the hands of children, special paint may be used first to ensure the marks can be completely covered. 

Your exterior paint is peeling

When the paint on your home's exterior begins to peel, then this means that it is time for the home to be given a new paint job. It's a good idea to have the entire exterior painted at this time even if it is the trim showing areas of peeling if the entire exterior's paint is the same age. If the trim paint is older than the walls, then you may be able to get away with just having the trim repainted. 

Your home is being put on the market

If you are going to be selling the home, then you want to make sure it has a fresh paint job. A nice exterior paint job will give it curb appeal to get buyers to stop and a nice interior paint job will be one more selling point to get them to buy.

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