Calming Effect: How Painting Your Home In The Colors Of The Earth Will Bring You Peace

Painting your home in earthly tones can help you create a calming sanctuary. Whether you are painting the exterior of your home or your interior walls, earthy hues of brown, green, beige and will not disappoint. There is nothing more grounding than mother nature and rich shades of brown, green, or beige will make every day feel as refreshing as a walk in the park.

Brown paint

Once labeled boring and dull, brown paint used to have a bad reputation. Now brown is an earthy shade to be reckoned with. Rusty brown with its underlying hint of orange is perfect for an interior accent wall and rich chocolate brown used on all four walls in a room is cozy and inviting.

Painting your home's exterior brown makes dirt less noticeable. Pair it with lighter browns for doors and trim and to give your entire home a warm and rustic look. Use beige for trim if you want to create more of a country look.

Green paint

Green paint is a hot trend in interior paint and will make any other color envious. From subtle hues of sage to earthy and deep olive green, it is hard to find a more welcoming color for walls. Combine several shades of green in one room and watch the magic happen.

For a home's exterior, use olive green. It is about as rich and earthy as you can get and is sure to grab attention. Olive green will up the curb appeal of your home and make you wonder why you did not choose it sooner.

Beige paint

Beige is often the first choice of homeowners who want to keep their interior one color. Unlike white, beige has just enough softness to warm up a room. Beige is never harsh or cold appearing and it matches everything, so you never have to wonder if your new furniture or accent pieces will match your walls.

For exterior home painting, beige is an easy choice and gives you freedom when choosing a color for window trim and a roof. Painting trim in a matching earthy shade of brown or green will further enhance the soothing and attractive quality of beige exterior paint.

Painting your home in earthy shades is the first step to transforming a cold and uninviting home into one that pulls you in and welcomes you at first sight. Living your life surrounded by the rich colors of the great outdoors will refresh you and at the same time fill you with peace and serenity. It also makes it easy to decorate your home because so many colors complement earthy hues of brown, green, and beige.

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